Download the file by clicking on the 'Explore' button below. Extract the INIS folder anywhere on your computer (for example, on your Desktop). Wait for the extraction to complete. Click on the file named INIS.
The experience is currently available only for Windows computers.

Welcome to INIS!
To quit the experience, press Esc on your keyboard.
To explore the scenario, use the WSAD keys (respectively: forward, backward, to the left, to the right). Alternatively, use the arrows of the keyboard to move forward and backward (arrows pointing up and down) and to turn in clockwise or anticlockwise direction (arrows to the right and to the left). The mouse, in both cases, controls the view.
ACCIVERSO is a project by Studio Acci with the aim of creating digital worlds for immersive fashion experiences. INIS is the first of these 3D interactive scenarios.
Presented at BRIFW 2021, the world of INIS can be explored using your keyboard and mouse, allowing for an experience that is guided by the user.
Digital clothes and accessories & Creative direction - Studio Acci
Interactive digital world - VBITT 3D
All digital fashion items can be purchased at Defash.
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